What Actually Makes A Wedding Fun, According to Wedding Guests

What Actually Makes A Wedding Fun, According to Wedding Guests

Most couples want the wedding of their dreams.  Along with that comes a lot of pressure to host the ultimate wedding that is fun for all of your guests.

As it turns out, the best weddings don’t have to be the most expensive, have the largest guest list or hosted at the most lavish venues.  In fact, perusing through some Reddit threads on the subject, shows quite the opposite:  the best weddings include love, happiness and togetherness with a few other touches thrown in.

Here are some of those responses on Reddit.  Check them out if you are in the process of planning your big day.

“Your party is only as good as the people enjoying it.”

Guests Having Fun
“I find that if I’m not too close with the couple then I’m just there as a formality. But if I know the couple well, regardless of the level of quality in each piece, I have had a great time. Your party is only as good as the people enjoying it. So, if you invited too many people that were just there out of ‘consideration,’ then there’s a higher chance of it being lame(r).” – Redditor duderino13

“When it incorporates the couple’s hobbies, interests, and just who they are.”

Harry Potter Themed Wedding
“The best wedding I’ve been to was obviously low-budget, but it incorporated the (rather quirky) personalities of the couple just perfectly. For instance, the bride had just gotten her degree in chemistry, so the centerpieces used chemistry glassware instead of vases for the flowers (which were all hand-crocheted by her!).” – Redditor Yavemar

“Good food.”

Good Wedding Food
“It’s usually the most expensive part of the wedding, but I think people should try to save money on other things and get the best food within their budget. I don’t have an opinion on nice centerpieces or how much the wedding dress costs, but I always remember which weddings had good or bad food.” – Redditor Book_1love

“Good weddings have people in them who are happy and relaxed.”

Relaxed Bridesmaids
“Once they’ve set up a rough set of guidelines for the day, they more or less let things flow. It can feel really uncomfortable when people are running around looking frantic or mad while trying to control how things are happening. I’ve never liked weddings that feel like the bridal couple is obediently running down the Official Checklist of Things You Have To Do At Your Wedding.” – Redditor withbellson

“To me, it’s usually the music.”

Wedding Band
“If I’m too busy dancing to bother sitting down for a meal, that’s a good wedding.” – Redditor xtinalala

“Not cramming too much in.”

Bouquet Toss
“Some receptions have too many interruptions – the cake cutting, toasts, announcements, flower toss … every 15 minutes guests have to stop talking and dancing to watch something else going on!” – Redditorviceadvice

“When a couple makes sure guests are taken care of.”

Best Day Ever Wedding Sign
“Delicious and lots of varieties of food, plenty of drinks, a place to sit in a temperature-controlled venue, great music, and a happy couple to celebrate. Also, convenient locations (close parking, no gaps between ceremony and reception, etc.). I also remember little fun details like a couple who served grilled cheese and tomato soup shots, one who had an ice cream bar, another who played Disney songs through dinner, etc.” – Redditor WaitforIttttt

“The bride and groom were having fun.”

Wedding Photobooth
“I think the liquor helped them loosen up, but seeing the bride and groom actually enjoying themselves, taking silly pictures in the photo booth, and dancing like crazy on the dance floor really helped set the mood.” – Redditor moongoddessshadow

“If it’s a summer wedding it’s awesome if you can get the outside area at your venue.”

Wedding Bonfire
“It’s nice to mingle outside since it can be stuffy indoors, and I’ve been to weddings where [there] are little tables and even a bonfire outside that people can hang out around and enjoy their drink.” – Redditor SarahlovesChar

“Open bar or limited bar with beer and wine, hosted all night.”

Open Bar
“I’ve never been to a wedding with drink tickets, but I’d be annoyed. And I’ve never been to a wedding with a cash bar, but I’d be downright offended.” – Redditor sane_enough

“No big wedding cake.”

Dessert Bar
“Best idea ever. It was a wedding of my wealthy cousins and they had a big sweets table, without the giant cake. Nobody missed it. Those huge cakes are always super expensive, they’re not always that tasty, and then guests don’t even have a variety of desserts to choose from since most people can’t pay for that cake and a full sweets table! Also, nobody missed the cake cutting ceremony.” – Redditor maria340

Having “an area away from the music where people can have actual conversations if they aren’t dancing.”

Wedding Quiet Area
“I’ve been to weddings where the music is so loud you can’t talk, so people who aren’t dancing at a given moment for whatever reason can’t even have a conversation.” – Redditor choixpeau

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