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10 Things Guests Hate About Weddings

10 Things Guests Hate About Weddings

Weddings are a beautiful celebration of love…but there are some things about weddings that guests hate.  The list below contains 10 things that guests usually rant about after a wedding.  Of course, this is YOUR wedding and you can do what you want, but if you want your guests to have a good time, please consider this list when planning your wedding.

  1. Receiving Lines
    Of course you want to thank all of your guests for attending, but who wants to stand in a long line waiting.  Instead of a receiving line, make your rounds during the reception to thank all of your guests.  This is more personal and won’t feel rushed.  It also doesn’t require people to stand in line with nothing else going on.
  2. Cash Bar
    It’s an honor to be invited to a wedding, but who wants to dish out cash in order to enjoy a drink. If your budget doesn’t allow for an open bar, consider doing a limited bar.  You could opt for wine and a signature drink or simply a wine and beer bar.  There are no rules saying that you have to have a full bar.  Be creative within your budget.
  3. Long Ceremonies
    Let’s be honest, most guests are looking forward to your reception.  Having a long ceremony outdoors in the middle of summer may make your guests unbearably hot and uncomfortable.  Make sure to keep the comfort of your guests in mind when planning the wedding.
  4. Dress Codes
    Asking everyone who attends your wedding to wear a specific color is frustrating to guests.  Where else is a guest going to wear a peach dress?  Dress codes may impose a financial restriction on your guests if they don’t already have something in their wardrobe that is suitable.  Trust your guests to be dressed for the occasion.
  5. Waiting
    Some couples decide to keep things traditional and not see each other before the ceremony and take pictures directly following the ceremony.  This is fine, but keep your guests in mind as they wait for you to arrive at the reception.  Consider having a cocktail hour with hors d’oeuvres while they wait.  This will give them something to do as they are waiting.
  6. Limited Food Options
    Everyone attending your wedding may not have the same diet or food preferences as you.  Take this into consideration when deciding on your food.  Consider including a Vegetarian option if you know that you will have people attending who are Vegetarians.  Likewise, if you are Vegan, don’t expect all of your guests to be also.
  7. Long Speeches And Slideshows
    Try to limit your speeches to no more than five.  People hate to sit through long-winded speeches about a high school memory they weren’t a part of.  Most people don’t care about slideshows unless they are in it.  Consider having extra speeches and a slideshow at your rehearsal dinner instead.
  8. Not Enough Chairs For The Ceremony
    You must have enough chairs for every guest attending the ceremony.  You might think that a 15-minute ceremony is not too long for some to stand.  If your ceremony is outdoors in the hot summer sun, guests can get easily annoyed by having to stand.  Also, some guests may arrive as much as 30 minutes early.  Not having a place for them to sit can be tiring.
  9. Lack Of Planning
    Keep all of your guests in the loop as your wedding progresses.  There will be some last minute changes and those must be communicated to your guests.  Guests want to feel prepared and know what to expect for your big day.  Consider using a service such as WedTexts to communicate with your guests.  This can alleviate a ton of stress when planning the wedding.
  10. Hearing The Bide Venting About Her Wedding At The Wedding
    Guests don’t want to hear how hard it was to plan your wedding.  They also don’t want to hear about how this or that is wrong.  They want you to be happy and they want to be happy also.  Leave the details out and just enjoy the day.  If something goes wrong, just go with the flow.  Consider hiring a professional wedding planner to ensure everything goes off smoothly.

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