Choosing your Wedding Day D.J. Entertainment

Choosing your Wedding Day D.J. Entertainment

There are so many D.J.s available today than ever before, due to the initial startup costs. When I purchased my initial pro audio gear and music, it was a 5,000-dollar investment back in 2001, not including purchasing the actual CDs of the most requested artists and songs-box sets and compilation discs. Now, with inexpensive equipment and availability of virtually free music, the explosion of the number of DJs has expanded 1000-fold with price ranges all over the place. With website design being much more affordable, most anyone can have a rather impressive site. Options such as lighting, effects, photo booth, dancers, etc. are have the wedding D.J. offerings that are such, that you have a world of choices from intimate elegance to replication of a night club.

So, with so many choices, I recommend the simple approach-narrowing down your choices to about the three that best seem to be the right match for your personality and the theme and purpose of your wedding reception. Factors that are important are years of experience and an extensive online track record of the D.J. that will be your specific performer. Out of those choices, set up a personal interview. If you get the feeling that they understand your needs and can answer your questions without hesitation, you are on the right track. Your gut feeling usually is correct. There is no substitute for a face to face meeting. It is worth the time. Best wishes on your wedding day!!

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  1. Thanks for the tips for choosing a DJ. My fiance and I want our reception to be fun, like a party, so we are trying to find a great DJ. I like that you mentioned to narrow down your options to three choices, and then go from there. I will make sure to do that.

    1. Hi Burt. Glad you liked the article and hopefully you give yourself off for your wedding day from your DJ company .