The In-Laws

In-Law Harmony: Essential Tips for Wedding Planning

Your about to marry your best friend and nothing will stand in your way of that treasured moment. Well…one can only hope that will remain true. Have you asked yourself the question about what type of in-laws you will inherit?  I am sure many have witnessed the movie “Monster In-Law.” If you have not sat down with your partner to discuss the boundaries of what you will or will not tolerate from your in-laws in your marriage then it is strongly recommended that you do so before walking down the aisle.

The entire in-law situation can play a tremendous part in any marriage. There are upsides and downsides to marrying into a family and no one wants to endanger their marriage with the ugliness of ill willed in-laws. Lets face it, this is your marriage and you both write the contract as to what you will allow or not allow to take place in the marriage. A great way to deal with meddling in-laws is to share very little about what goes on in your home. If you want to share with your parents/in-laws be sure they are positive things that they can’t attack you on. Now, if you have parents/in-laws who find fault in your spouse or your marriage just respectfully share nothing about your marriage. It is vital to always be each other’s cheerleader and be an undivided team.  This holds true with rearing children. Never let anyone play both sides and manipulate the situation that may cause unnecessary strife in your marriage.

You and your spouse should always have each others backs even when it comes to your own parents. If you are out among friends, family or acquaintances be sure to never disagree with your partner in front of others even if you don’t agree with your spouse. Doing this shows the world how connected and reinforced your marriage is and this leaves little room for discord.

You are about to take a covenant oath to honor each other. Your parents raised you and gave you the tools to spread your wings. Know that some parents who continue to meddle in their children’s marriage are those who may be unable to emotionally detach or may be dealing with their own insecurities or relationship failure. Never let anyone, not even your own children come between your marriage. The more you praise and aspire to the greatest gift of love for each other the less hardship you will endure. Never give someone a loaded weapon to tear apart what you two have worked hard building.

Marriage is not easy and it is with the will of choosing to love that will create strength in your marriage.

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