10 Signs You May Be A Bridezilla?

10 Signs You May Be A Bridezilla?

Some brides-to-be walk around driving others bonkers and yet will embrace this behavior like a Boss. Are you wrapped up in your own world that you are oblivious about how you are reacting to others when a crisis is not on the rise? Does any of these statements describe you? Well, you may be a Bridezilla or is this how you roll day to day? You may be borderline zilla, but fret no more as we want to help you identify some key things that make many brides-a-zilla that most people don’t want to work with.

  1. Do you snap at the simplest requests from your fiance, inlaws, wedding party, friends or hired professionals? Is this becoming a pattern that has your stomach in a protruding knot?

    Take a deep breathe this isn’t life or death surgery where you are the surgeon. You need to rely on your professionals and loved ones to have your back. If you convey your vision then let the planning begin without negativity.

  2. Are you emailing, texting, ranting on social media about why things are not going as planned? When someone helps you with these issues you tend to snap at them because you are on overload and the only way you can deal is by being a bulldozer.

    Ok, so you’re in a tissy and need to pull back the reins. Not everyone wants to hear your frustrations every hour on the hour. Try journaling what is going on in your head to help you cope effectively. Those people on the receiving end don’t like seeing you so overbearing when they are here to help not to mention they don’t deserve your behavior. Take a chill pill.

  3. Do you see a counselor? Do you have your therapists on speed dial when you become unhinged?

    It is great you have a counselor/therapist, but they have other patients to help and you need to make an appointment if you have something pressing and can’t wait. Don’t blow up your therapists email or phone with something that is not life or death….well a bridezilla would think it is the apocalypse.

  4. Do you need to have a cocktail in your hand filled to the brim as you deal with your planning issues and the box of wine sits beside you on your nightstand for auto-refills?

    Yes, a little drinking may calm your nerves, but remember you will pay for it tomorrow and not to mention you will have a wicked mean streak, so cut it out and focus on solving issues and not adding more.

  5. Do you disagree with everything your planner offers to make your wedding day simple? You do know that the planner is a professional and this is not their first rodeo, so their advice is to help you reduce stress.

    Your planner has your best interest at heart, so know that their only intentions are to create an exceptional day with you at the center looking flawless. Your planner will go above and beyond to make sure you and your future husband are blissful.

  6. Do you lose your flipping mind if a fork is out of place or doesn’t have the same new polish shine as the others around the table?

    Nothing in life is perfect no matter how hard we strive for perfection. Your idea of perfection is driving others around you to lose it and you don’t want to lose great professionals because you are hard to work with.

  7. Are you forgetting the simple things in life because you have made it your mission to be the planner, florist, photographer, DJ, rental company, decorator, and caterer?

    Hey, step away from the cookie jar unless you want your knuckles cracked with an old school ruler. Listen, your job is to walk down the aisle, look amazing and feeling of love.

  8. When you are upset or angry about something do you just start yelling and become belligerent for whatever is in your mind? Well, you are a bridezilla because you think others can read your mind as you go on a rant.

    Remember, your thoughts are yours and yours alone, so if you want to work well with others it is best practice to share how you are feeling, why are you feeling such anxiety or just take some time for yourself and not become a raging witch to those who are there to see you through a time of stress.

  9. Is there no room for suggestions because you are too selfish to allow others to share good intel with you about your wedding? Do you just shut out your fiance’s ideas because his ideas are not what you want?

    Well, guess what!! If you want to have a fighting chance at a successful marriage than you may want to get rid of the bitter strongarming behavior. It is understandable that most brides believe that this is “their” special day, but with that attitude, you may be walking down that aisle with no one to say “I Do” too. Marriage only works when we listen to our fiance’s wants and needs, otherwise, you should marry yourself.

  10. Do you demean and talk down to others like they are your kids? What makes you the authority on all things? Yes, you are the center of attention, but you don’t want to put a target on your back making things far worse than they really are. You are overly stressed because you are trying to juggle it all and have a lack of trust in those you hired or love.

    A long-standing saying should be a remedy to your frustration is to treat others as you would want to be treated. I know you don’t want to be demeaned or talked to like a child, so don’t think you can get away with it because you are the bride. Breathe…

Listen brides to be, you hired professionals to handle the things that may be out of reach for your sanity, and if something goes wrong perhaps a look in the mirror may answer a few questions. Be kind and be sure you keep your scheduled meeting with your professionals, ask all the questions needed to ensure you are getting everything you want. Create a wedding journal to help you navigate. Most of all show the utmost respect to your soon to be husband.

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