Bridal Yard Sales: The Holy Grail of Affordable Wedding Decor
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Bridal Yard Sales: The Holy Grail of Affordable Wedding Decor

There’s a new type of bridal show in town that’s becoming more popular with DIY wedding couples everywhere: The Bridal Yard Sale or Bridal Flea Market. You probably have an idea of what a wedding flea market is from the name alone, but I’ll elaborate just to make sure no one misses what an incredibly helpful concept this is for finding affordable DIY wedding decor.

Bridal Yard Sales allow now-married folks to sell their wedding wares to engaged couples who are looking for great deals on decor. The goods from one wedding are re-purposed and find a new home in another wedding. It’s great for couples looking to unload their wedding decor and make a little extra cash; it’s great for couples who are looking to have a beautifully-decorated wedding at an affordable price; and it’s great for the environment (think of all the gases from manufacturing and shipping that don’t make it into the air when you buy previously-loved decor as opposed to brand new decor). Brilliant, right?!

The final destination of wedding decor is one thing that’s been on my mind for a while. I always love seeing beautiful decor at a wedding, but at the end of the wedding, I’m left wondering where is all that perfectly good wedding decor going to go? To be a bit more precise, the question “Where’d all the good decor go?” usually swims through my head to the tune of Jack Johnson’s song “Good People” and the refrain “Where’d all the good people go?” Try it. It’s catchy, I swear. So needless to say, when I discovered the Bridal Yard Sale it felt like the clouds had parted, the sun burst through, and the answer had finally revealed itself–all the good decor goes to the Bridal Yard Sale. Ah ha!

Ready, Set, Sell!
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On top of great deals, Bridal Yard Sales provide inspiration while you decide on the direction of your wedding decor. Rather than having to figure out what you want for decor and then find an affordable way to track it all down, you can hit up the Bridal Yard Sale and let the ideas and goods come right to you.

And the good news is that we host two Bridal Yard Sales each year.  Make sure to check out Recycle Your Wedding Bridal Yard Sale to sell your wedding items or find a great deal for your upcoming wedding!

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