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5 Tips For Glamtastic Wedding Day Hair & Makeup

5 Tips For Glamtastic Wedding Day Hair & Makeup

Let’s face it your wedding is one of the biggest days of your life, and you want to minimize the stress and planning that goes into your wedding day. Some believe adhering to specific standards is a must, but we say who needs rules when it comes to planning your exceptional event!

Facials, perms, coloring, and haircuts timing.

You want to look flawless and refreshed, so be sure you follow these easy steps. Never get a perm, coloring or facial days before your big day. These types of services can make or break your mood on your wedding day. Getting a perm several weeks before the wedding is an excellent idea because the curls will have loosened by then. When it comes to coloring your hair the same time frame applies. If your color is all wrong, you will have time to change. Using semi-permanent over permanent coloring is the best choice. Semi-permanent causes the least amount of damage, and you can color- over it to correct the issues. Facials can be tricky depending on your skin type. If you have sensitive skin, you may want to get your facial at least 5 or more days before your wedding otherwise three days for other skin types. Haircuts are not always an issue primarily if you use the same hairdresser for many years. If you are going for a new look, it would be strongly suggested to try out the new hairstyle months before the wedding.

Try Makeover and Hairstyle Demo’s

If you frequent Bridal Shows, you should stop by the table of Hair and Makeup artists. You may find that these artists will do demo’s for couples and they are often times free. Stop by the makeup counters at department stores to try a new look. These are great ways to find the colors and techniques you are looking to accomplish. If you are doing your makeup and hair than you will need to continue practicing to perfect the look you are going after.

Longlasting Makeup Exists

Today is about being breathtaking, and the last thing you want is to look like a circus clown from the running together makeup. With today’s cosmetics, everything is twenty-four-hour wear. Primer is a primary ingredient in almost all cosmetics products you see in the makeup section. Your lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadows and even foundations hold this miracle ingredient. After all the tears and hugs you will have reduced smudges and still looked polished for your incredible day.

Stay calm and leave the creativity to the professionals

You are watching your favorite movie star on the big screen with a new hair color and makeover, and you decide you want the same look days before your wedding. We strongly discourage you from doing this type of drastic measure days before unless you have a professional, you have worked with in the past. Although you have a professional, you should always do a trial before the big day if they have time to squeeze you into their schedule. Keep your experimenting to a minimum especially when your wedding day is so close.

The Kiss method is the best medicine

Keeping things simple serves a higher purpose in reducing your wedding stress. Don’t overthink or try too many new challenges with less time to spare. Even if your professionals can satisfy your change, it does not ensure the perfection you are looking for will be easy. Your happiness is about walking down the aisle and marrying your best friend that knows you at your best and worst times.

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