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6 Ways To Include Your Children In Your Wedding Ceremony

6 Ways To Include Your Children In Your Wedding Ceremony

If you and your fiancé already have children or you have children from another marriage, you will surely want to include them in your wedding ceremony.  Ask your children how they would like to take part and then find an age appropriate way to include them.  Below are a few ideas on making them a part of your big day.

Sand Ceremony

Sand Ceremony

The Sand Ceremony is a beautiful ceremony where sand is poured into a vase by the bridal couple.  This ceremony can easily be adapted to accommodate children. Afterwards, you will have a lasting symbol of your marriage.

Unity Candle Ceremony

Unity Candle

Many couples allow their children to assist in lighting the unity candle.

Vows To The Children

Vows To The Children

The wedding ceremony can be a heartfelt time for the new stepparent to express his or her dedication and commitment to their new children.

Coat Of Arms

If the bride and groom both have children, have the children exchange a symbol with each other symbolizing their new connection with each other.  The symbol could be tokens, pins, pendants, charms, rings etc.

Traditional Escorts, Flower Girls and Ring Bearers

Ring Bearer & Flower Girl

Traditionally, children been the flower girls and ring bearers in weddings.  This leads to a feeling of importance as they lead the processional.  If the children are a little older, you may opt to have them serve as escorts.  This can also help them to create a bond with new extended family members.

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

Wedding Family Photo

There is no rule that says your bridal party has to be adults.  This is an especially good idea if your children are a bit older.  If they are younger, they can still serve as Junior Bridesmaids and Junior Groomsmen.

Whatever you choose, make sure your children are an integral part of your big day.  It is important that they create the bonds necessary for a healthy blended family.  By including them in your wedding ceremony, you are showing them how important they are in their new family.

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