Yes! Your Photographer's Quote Is Totally Fair

Yes! Your Photographer’s Quote Is Totally Fair

Unless you work in an industry that hires professional photographers, you are likely to experience some sticker shock when you receive your photographer’s quote. Photography costs can range from $1000 to tens of thousands of dollars.  You probably won’t necessarily understand why there is such a wide range of pricing.  Before you jump into a contract, here is some inside information on how photographers determine their pricing structure.

Experience Level

One of the biggest factors in determining price is the photographers experience level.  A photographer who has been shooting weddings for a decade has almost surely mastered their craft.  The have experienced a multitude of different scenarios and are well versed to deal with any issues that may arise.  They are likely to keep their cool when these issues arise and work through them.  With that being said, newer photographers may be willing to lower their costs in order to add another wedding to their portfolio.

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Time Commitment

While you think of your wedding as a single day event, a photographers commitment is much more than a few hours on a single day.  On the day of the wedding a photographer has to be quick on their feet and twist and turn their bodies to get those perfect shots.  It may not look like a physically challenging job, however we can assure you that photographers are physically exhausted after shooting a wedding.  In addition, there are countless hours involved in post-production as you will read about more below.


In addition to blocking out your wedding date, a photographer must block out time to edit your photos.  It may seem hard to believe, but most images are not ready straight from the camera.  Any good photographers shoots in “RAW” format which allows them more control over the post-editing process in order to provide the most perfect shots possible.  In addition, the photographer has to upload the galleries for preview and more consultations with the clients on the selection of their favorite shots.

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Out-Of-Pocket Costs

Anyone who has ever considered buying a good camera will surely know of the costs.  Photographers can spend tens of thousands on equipment such as cameras, lenses, lights, tripods etc.  There are also costs associated with owning a small business such as promotion, conferences, education and more.

Even though the price can be shocking, we can assure you that the quote is likely to be very fair based on the work and costs associated with being a wedding photographer.  There are often many choices in a range of different budgets.  Although it may seem hard to find a photographer in your budget, a little research usually yields plenty of options.  If you are having a hard time finding a photographer or other vendors for your wedding, hiring a wedding planner may help to save you money in the long run and help make sure you choose the right wedding photographer.

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