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How A Wedding Planner Can Save You Money

How A Wedding Planner Can Save You Money

Is a quote from a wedding planner giving you “sticker shock”.  Wedding planners can be a valuable resource and without one, you could ultimately end up paying more for your wedding.  

Planning a wedding is unknown territory for most brides and grooms.  Working with a wedding planner who knows the wedding industry can help you overcome most challenges and ensure you have a successful wedding.  It can seem like an unneeded expense for some or maybe they choose to use a family friend.  Here are some reasons why you should really consider a professional wedding planner to get the most value out of your wedding.

Realistic Budget Planning

Depending on your budget, this could be one of the most important reasons to hire a wedding planner.  If you are in the beginning stages of planning your wedding, a wedding budget is the most important aspect of the planning.  A wedding planner can help you allocate funds for each element of your wedding,  They can also identify potential issues with your budget and how to overcome them.  A couple may not know a reasonable amount for each vendor, but wedding planners will know a reasonable amount for each vendor.

Repeat Business

Wedding planners often bring a lot of repeat business for the vendors they work with.  Most will have a list of established and trusted vendors.  Wedding planners will be able to determine who is a best fit for the couple based on their style, personality and budget since they have an established relationship with many vendors.

Contract Review & Negotiation

Most people hate to read contracts.  Wedding planners are able to identify any “red flags” and can even know when and how to negotiate on your behalf.  They also know that is fair and reasonable since they review hundreds of contracts a year.

Cost Saving Tips

Because wedding planners know the industry, they are able to help with tips to save costs such as getting married on a different day of the week, cutting the guest list, choosing an “off-peak” wedding date, etc.  They also know what vendors will fit within your budget and can make suggestions on alternatives.

Avoid Last Minute Surprise Costs

Many couples that do not hire a wedding planner, are surprised that they ended up way over budget.  In fact, according to WeddingWire.com couples underestimate how much they will spend on their wedding by roughly 40%.  Having a seasoned wedding planner can alleviate these extra costs by helping you account for them up front.  

In the end, a wedding planner could help you save a lot of money.  You will likely save much more money than what you spend on a wedding planner.  With their vendor connections, contract negotiation skills and cost saving tips, having a wedding planner is something that should not be overlooked.

Once Upon A Time Events offers Full Service Wedding Planning as well as Day Of Coordination.  Contact us today for a quote.

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