5 Ways To Repurpose Household Items As Wedding Decor

5 Ways To Repurpose Household Items As Wedding Decor

Here at Once Upon A Time Events, we love great wedding inspiration.  We also love ideas that repurpose every-day items to save on cost and environmental impact.

Costs add up so quickly when you’re planning a wedding. The good news, though, is that you don’t have to purchase brand new items for every single aspect of your big day. If you take a look around your home, local thrift stores and flea markets, you’ll be surprised at what you can repurpose into wedding décor with a little creativity.

And, of course, aside from saving costs, adding repurposed décor has another great benefit: you will help the environment by reducing the amount of waste generated by your wedding. You’ll also create a unique aesthetic that will be all the talk of your wedding!

Here are our top five favorite repurposed wedding décor ideas.

  1. DIY Cupcake Stands Made from Old Plates and Tea Cups
    There’s a certain charm to mismatched vintage plates and tea cups. Shop for a variety of plate and tea cup designs that you love.This is absolutely adorable!  Collect vintage tea cups and plates and then grab the hot glue gun!  You can pick up vintage china at most bargain stores and flea markets on the cheap.  Mix and match patterns for a totally chic look!
  2. Vintage Drawers as Food Trays
    If you have some antique furniture, consider using the drawers to house the desserts or favors.
    Looking for the ultimate Shabby Chic look?  Look no further than these vintage drawer food displays!  Feel free to find drawers that fit your personality.  Can’t find any you like.  You can change the color by painting and the hardware by visiting your local hardware store.  Use your creativity and the sky is the limit!
  3. Succulent Terrariums Made from Used Light Bulbs
    These terrariums are adorable and so easy to assemble.
    If you are doing an outdoor wedding or a nature themed wedding, there cute terrariums are a must.  Check out The Hipster Home for a complete tutorial.
  4. Seating Chart or Centerpieces from Discarded Wine Corks
    Cork is a great crafting material because it’s both lightweight and easy to work with. Plus, its neutral tone compliments most color schemes.
    If you love wine as much as we do, you probably have tons of wine corks stored deep in a cabinet in your home.  What better way to put them to good use.  If you don’t have any corks, it’s a great excuse to drink up.
  5. Paper Garlands Made from Old Maps or Recycled Paper
    Everyone has old paper maps that they don’t use, especially in the age of GPS and smart phones. Turn them into garlands of all shapes and sizes with this fun DIY project.
    We literally have tons of ideas for these.  Don’t have any old maps lying around?  Use copies of old photographs or old book pages.  The possibilities here are quit endless.

As we mentioned above, you can find many items a local flea markets and bargain stores that you can repurpose as wedding decor.  You can also come to our Recycle Your Wedding Yard Sale to find many items and inspiration.  Save some cash and the environment!

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