6 Ways To Include Your Children In Your Wedding Ceremony

Being the Maid/Matron of Honor

What a profound moment! You have been chosen to be the right-hand to the bride. What an honor to know how deep your friendship has grown and the duties that have been bestowed upon you.  Throughout the planning process you will be asked for your opinion from dresses to officiants and beyond because your ideas are valued beyond measure. As the maid/matron of honor it is your sole duty to ensure your bestie has the most captivating wedding she has imagined.

The bride has full confidence that you will be there every step of the way and she may even ask you to choose a few of her bridesmaids. You will keep the bridesmaids in order, go dress shopping if need be and be sure everything is going off without a hitch. This is a working job that is paid back with love and commitment. The bride relies on you for all her planning needs.

As the maid/matron of honor you may be asked to help with the invitations, help get the word out of the engagement and host a shower. You will be the second planner if the bride chooses to hire one. You must be up for the task because you will be needed more often than imagined. You are a good listener to the bride when she feels unsure about what colors to choose, what jewelry to purchase and whether she has invited to many people or not enough. The maid/matron is a workhorse wearing many hats just to ensure the bride remains free of stress and confident in her planning choices.

Some of you may not know the difference of a maid of honor and a matron of honor and there is one small difference. The maid of honor is unmarried and the matron of honor is married. They both take on the same responsibilities to assist the bride. The end goal is to see her through the entire process. As you take on this task know that you will both share tears, laughter, memories and sometime even argue, but most importantly you will share the joy of love.

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