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“How do I include my pet during my special wedding moments?”. “Is it easy to include him/her?”. “Who will I trust to make sure my dog is being cared for?”. “I don’t want to stress about having him/her there, but it’s important that my pup is included- how do I make sure I can make this happen?”. These are usually just some of the thoughts running through a newly engaged bride-to-be or groom-to-be that own a pet. Well, we want to introduce the paw-fect solution for you – Furever & Fur Always, Wedding Day Dog Care Company.

Remy (pup) (CSS Photography)

Furever & Fur Always was created in hopes to help every pet owner who is getting married include their four-legged companion stress-free. Your pet is there for you every other day of your life, so shouldn’t they be there on your most important ones? The answer is – YES! If you’re anything like us then you too consider them as part of your family.

It’s important to us that the process is simple and easy for you! Once you reach out to us, you’ll be wondering why you were even stressing about this problem in the first place. We take the time to understand exactly what every couple is looking for. That’s why we include both a free Pawsultation Questionnaire & Pup N Greet. It allows for us to really understand your vision and how we can tailor to you and your needs. This is the initial step no matter what it’s for- proposal, engagement shoot, wedding day, honeymoon-sitting or whatever else it may be.

Our three packages- Platinum Pooch, Diamond Dog & Pearl Pup – were created to help make the process easier for you, but also to customize to your needs and wants. And if you’re looking for something completely different, then we will be able to come up with a customized package specifically for you. It’s important to us that we can make these moments memorable for you.

Lizzie (bride), Georgie (pup) & Henry (groom) (Furever Fur Always)

Depending on what you’re looking for we will split up the time between: pick-up & drop-off, transportation, pampering, dressing/accessorizing in wedding attire, ceremony/reception assistance, photo assistance, walking/feeding/potty breaks, and whatever else you might need. And what’s always included in every package is lots and lots of love for your fur-baby. Did we mention how cute the photos turn out? No? Well, the photos are so stinkin’ cute- you will not regret having them included!

Not sure where to get those cute wedding accessories… well we do that too! We’ll make sure that we can customize those signs/wedding attire specifically to your needs. We’re a one-stop shop to help with all your wedding day doggie needs.

We know a lot of you might be thinking, “Well this can all be done by myself, my friends or my family- why should I hire Furever & Fur Always to help with all of this?”. Well the answer is simple, you won’t have to worry about number “five hundred and whatever” on your wedding to-do list. Just leave the planning and care-giving to us and you won’t have to stress about a thing. Also, would you really want to ask your closest family and friends to miss out on special moments throughout your day? The answer is probably not, so you let everyone do what they’re supposed to be doing on your special day- enjoying it and making it absolutely paw-fect!

To learn more about Furever & Fur Always or to book a consultation, please visit www.fureverandfuralways.com.

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