The Importance Of Choosing The Right Wedding Photographer

The Importance Of Choosing The Right Wedding Photographer

Congratulations! You just got engaged! Now that the initial excitement has settled it hits you that you have a wedding to plan. Like most women, you have likely been planning this event in your head since you were a little girl, but reality is just a wee bit more overwhelming than a little girl’s dreams.

For your wedding day, three things are of the utmost importance. The groom, you have found him, your dress, that could still be a hurdle to overcome, and your wedding photographer. These three are on the top of the list for obvious reasons. The venue, the ceremony space, food and entertainment rank high as well, but let’s face it, everyone is going to remember what you looked like in your dress and if you and your fiancé looked happy. For the two of you, the ceremony, the venue and the party will be memories that will seem fleeting and a bit vague and that is why your photographer needs to rank right after your dress.

Your photographer is in charge of preserving those special moments your wedding day is made up of.

She is the one you will turn to to capture another moment you thought may not happen and as long as you hire the right person, she will have already captured that shot. A good wedding photographer will be everywhere the day of the wedding. We always hear: “Wow, I don’t even remember that we did this”, or ” Wow, we never made it over to that area, thanks so much for preserving this moment.”

Your photographer should pride her/himself in becoming your best friend over the year in between you signing the contract and your wedding day.  She should help you plan your day, create a time line for you, go over who is going to be in pictures both at the ceremony and at the reception and best of all, you need to trust that she/he will create artwork for your walls that will stand the test of time.

Ask your photographer during the initial meeting what is included in the entry level price.  We have heard from several brides over the years, the some studios charge extra for a second photographer, for albums and engagement sessions.  Ask what the additional charges are if these things are not included in the entry price.  You may be surprised to find that by the time you add it all together you may pay more with the lower cost studio than with the studio that offers an all inclusive price tag that includes everything from an engagement session, 2nd photographer, and digital files to an album and all day coverage.

Do not base your choice on price alone.  We understand that every bride has a budget, but a good photographer will be able to capture your day as if you spent thousands on china, silverware and other accessories, even if you did not, but used that area to cut some corners.

Ask if the quoted price is all inclusive and what this means.  A good photography studio understands that a wedding can not be captured by one person, that it takes a team of at least two trained professionals to make sure that nothing is missed.  At least 8 hours should be included in the entry level price as well, and your photographer should provide you with artwork you will be proud to display.

Consider that spending a little extra on your photography team will ensure that your day is preserved for you and that nothing will be missed.  Wedding day photography is an investment and your team only has one chance to capture the moment.  Don’t leave it up to chance, ask the right questions, insure you receive satisfying answers and make an emotional  connection with the photographer you hire.

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