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Wedding Decor: Renting vs. Buying

As you begin to plan your wedding, there are many important design decisions you will make.  Once of the decisions when it comes to decor is whether to rent or buy.  Renting is almost always more affordable.  Below, we will review some of the reasons for both.

Rent:  To Keep Costs To A Minimum

If you are looking to keep costs down, renting is almost always more economical.  You should research different rental companies in your area to determine their costs for specific items.  It is also more environmentally friendly to rent rather than to buy.  If you are looking for a very specific rental item that you can’t find, don’t fret, you may be able to convince a rental company to acquire it or create it if they see an upside to renting it again.

Rent:  For An Easier Option

If you are looking to keep stress to a minimum and make things as easy as possible, renting is the best choice.  Sure, you love all those things you saw on Pinterest, but do you really have the time to make all of that?  Doing so will surely add to your stress.  In addition, the rental company will ensure everything is delivered on a timely basis for your wedding which is one less thing you will have to worry about.  Lastly, they will pick it up after the wedding potentially saving you money in cleaning and storage fees.

Buy:  If you are looking for wedding keepsakes

If you are looking to keep some items after the wedding for keepsakes, then you should definitely buy those particular items.  For our wedding, we created a large “B” mounted on a slab of barn wood.  We knew we would be using this in our home and therefore were ok with making it so we could keep it.  Whatever you choose, make sure you have a cost effective solution for storage.

Buy:  If you want something customized

Anything you have customized with your last name or initials is going to be hard to rent again and resell.  You will want to make sure you purchase these items as it is unlikely you will find them with a rental company anyway.

Buy:  If the item can fill another need in life

If there are items that you can reuse after your wedding, then by all means purchase them.  They will serve the function of being a part of your wedding while serving for much longer during your everyday life.  As a bonus, you will be reminded of your special day every time you use them.

If you are looking for a rental company, Once Upon A Time Events has many different rentals items for your wedding.  We can also put together special packages to decor your wedding as you see fit.  Please contact us today for a custom quote.

In addition, if you choose to buy decor items, we produce a Bridal Yard Sale each year to give past brides and opportunity to sell they “gently used” wedding items to new brides that haven’t yet been married.  Please check out Events page for the next Bridal Yard Sale.

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