Why A Professional Wedding Planner Is A Great Investment

Why A Professional Wedding Planner Is A Great Investment

With so many brides embracing the DIY wedding concept, many think that wedding planners and Day Of Coordinators (DOC) are too expensive and not necessary; besides, they have friends and family who can help out. Right? Wrong! Planners and DOC’s are becoming more commonplace as brides realize the huge benefit of having a “personal assistant” to guide them through the planning process. They enjoy their wedding day, stress free, knowing that their DOC or Planner is executing every detailed plan, and doing everything necessary to ensure a smooth day. Here are a few reasons to seriously consider having some extra help.

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The venue and date have been chosen, now research begins for the best DJ, the most affordable caterer, the cheapest transportation, the perfect cake, and so on. Most young couples have full time jobs and must squeeze in phone calls on their lunch breaks, evenings and weekends when most vendors are closed. Family and friends are busy too, or may live out of town (they may also tire of hearing about all things wedding). It takes time to contact several vendors to get quotes and information. Planning is time consuming, stressful, and exhausting. Who needs that?!

Planners take the jobs you don’t want to do. They have established vendor networks and can do research for you. Planners will know who is within your budget, who is the best in the industry, and often times they even pay for themselves by getting special discounts for their clients that brides would not get on their own. Planners and DOC’s have seen it all; they are a wealth of information, guidance, and a treasure trove of sound advice.

Day of Coordination is really a misnomer in that the DOC is involved during the month before the wedding if not longer. Planners usually include DOC in their service packages. Site visits, venue layouts, directing the rehearsal, setting up décor, arranging escort cards, favor and gift tables, confirming orders with all vendors, directing and managing vendors on the wedding day, cuing music and lining up the bridal party for the ceremony and reception, creating timelines for the event to ensure that everything stays on schedule; these are just some of the duties that a DOC or Planner will handle. The bride should be busy getting pretty and ready for her big day, not worrying if the florist delivered the flowers and set them up in their proper places, or if the guest book has been displayed for guests to sign.

It’s a huge mistake to ask family and friends to work on your wedding day. They’ve watched and helped you plan, they’ve been a part of your excitement, and they want to enjoy the day and celebrate as much as you do. They don’t want to know if the caterer runs out of ice or where the gifts and décor need to go at the end of the night, or who gets which tip envelope. A Planner or DOC will handle all of this.

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Price seems to be a big factor in hiring planners and DOCs. Brides don’t think twice about hiring a DJ for $1,000 to play music for three hours, or an officiant for $500 to perform a 15 minute ceremony, but they tend to balk at Planners and DOC prices, which really aren’t that pricey considering all that they do, and the time that they spend. These are the people who are with you from start to finish, listening to your every wish, and making sure it all happens exactly the way you envision. They give you hugs, wipe your tears, and run interference with your step mother. You have texted and emailed them a hundred times at all hours. Any problems that arise are quickly handled. Brides establish relationships with their Planners and DOC’s because they are so completely involved in the process, and go above and beyond to make sure their clients are happy and stress free. You can’t put a price on your piece of mind! Don’t wait, many book up over a year in advance. Most offer free consultations too. These can shed light and perspective on everything that is involved to execute your big day. Don’t be the bride who wishes she’d hired a Planner or DOC when it’s too late. You will be so relieved to have an expert on your side, knowing that all of your DIY work will be carried out flawlessly, while you, your family and friends have the best day ever.

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