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How To Prepare For Mother Nature And Save Your Wedding Day

After planning the biggest day of your life, you sure don’t want Mother Nature to spoil your perfect wedding.  Depending on the geographic region and time of year, there are a lot of things to consider when it comes to weather.  In this article, we will highlight some tips and ideas on how to save your wedding day if Mother Nature decides not to cooperate.  We have broken down the following list by categories of weather.  This is not a comprehensive list, but intended to spark thoughts on the topic that is rarely discussed.

The Farmer’s Almanac has just released their 2017 Weather Predictions.  If you’re a gardener you are surely aware of this great resource.  This almanac has an 80% accuracy rating when predicting long-term weather forecasts.  It is worth looking at when choosing the date for your perfect day!


  1. Look for a dual-purpose venue There are many venues across the area that offer scenic landscapes for outdoor weddings, as well as indoor accommodations.  If you end up having your wedding indoors because of the weather, consider the size of the indoor space in comparison to the outdoor space.  Make sure there is enough room indoors to accommodate your guest list.
  2. Look for an alternative venue in case of rain If you are concerned about rain, you may choose to book a separate indoor venue as an alternative.  If you choose to do this, make sure you have a way to notify your guests in advance should you choose to change the venue.  Some brides include an alternate venue on their invitations in case of rain.  Word of caution:  Make sure you definitively notify your guests if you change the venue.  Don’t count on just saying in case of rain the venue will be …  It may not be raining where they are traveling form and they may end up at the wrong location.
  3. Tents There are many rental companies with tents to accommodate hundreds of people.  If you are unsure of the weather, this is an excellent possibility.  If it rains, you can always hold the ceremony and reception under the same tent.
  4. Just go with it Doing a Google Image Search for rainy wedding shows some amazing rainy wedding photographs.  Make sure you get some cute umbrellas to use in your photos.  Clear umbrellas seem to work really well and make for some amazing photographs.


  1. Schedule an Alternate Date Check with your wedding venue to see if they offer a weather clause and offer an alternate date.  Once again, make sure to communicate with youding guests as soon as you decide to change the date.
  2. Consider geography When planning a winter wedding, make sure you consider the area and the potential for hazardous roads.  A venue wity one way in and one way out may not be the best option for a winter wedding.


  1. Make sure you have plenty of water for everyone If you are planning a mid-summer wedding, there is a very high potential that it’s going to be HOT!  Many brides get customized bottled water with their wedding information on them for a nice touch.
  2. Fans If your guests are going to be sitting out in the hot sun, consider getting hand fans.  You coven get them with your wedding information on them or even the wedding program on them for an extra special touch.
  3. Sunscreen You may want to provide a basket with little sample size sunscreens.  This is a nice touch that your guests will surely appreciate.

However you decide to deal with the weather, keep in mind this is your special day.  Make the best of it.  There will be moments you look back on a laugh about, whether it’s the memory of the two of you soaking wet from the rain, or your aunt who got her car stuck in the snow.  These will still be memories that you will cherish for a lifetime.

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