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Table Escort Cards You can Eat (or Drink)

Table Escort Cards You can Eat (or Drink)

Brides have gotten very creative over the years with their escort card displays.  These edible or drinkable cards speak to everyone’s heart and help to get the party started.  The great things about these cards is some of them can double as favors.

If you are looking for something unique, check out the ideas below for inspiration.  We have gotten you started with some of our favorites.

1.  Champagne

Get the party started right away with glasses of bubbly for everyone!

2.  Macaroons

These sweet decadent treats will be a hit and they can double as favors.

3.  Honey

Everyone love honey.  Once again, these double as favors.

4.  Rum

Small batch rum is a really nice touch.

5.  Bread

Instead of putting the bread on the table.  Use it as an escort card for a unique touch.

6.  Signature Drink

Signature Drink
Here is a unique way to make sure everyone tries your signature drink.

7.  Cake Pops

Cake Pops
These cute cake pops give your guests something to munch on while locating their table.

8.  Cookies & Milk

Cookies & Milk
Everyone loves cookies & milk.

9.  Fruit

These are cute for seasonal weddings.

10.  Soda

These cute sodas are perfect for alcohol free weddings.

11.  Customized Cokes

Customized Coke
If you are a Coke fan, these are sure to be a hit.

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