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Not Another List of Wedding Planning Tips

I remember it like it was yesterday.  When I was 20 years old, a couch almost ended my marriage before it could start.  Don’t get me wrong, my relationship with my husband-to-be was better and stronger than any couple we’d ever met.  We were super-human.  Clearly our love was one for the ages.  We were “un-flappable”.

Until that fateful day!  It was Labor Day and there were lot of furniture sales.  We were on a shoestring budget and home from our last year of college for fall break.  Here we go!  Well, 8 furniture stores and roughly 4,741 couches later we were falling apart.  How could my beloved have such TERRIBLE taste in furniture?  He was otherwise perfect, but I was in trouble.  I mean it was a COUCH, for the love!

The story ends happily, we stumbled upon a couch that neither of us liked at all, but also didn’t hate and it lasted us for the first 8 years of marriage.  We’re on couch #2 now, but that was gifted to us.  Praise the Lord we are 13 years into a happy marriage have yet to go couch shopping again.

We are however on our 4th home together.  Some we rented, some we owned, and some w rented and owned at the same time.  I won’t lie, after the difficulty in shopping for furniture I was very worried about shopping for a HOME with my beloved.  However it was a breeze.

I could write a blog about all of the things to consider when you’re getting married, maybe you’re moving in one of your current homes, or maybe you’re selling and buying together. Perhaps you’ve been renting and are ready to take leap to a purchase.  Maybe even you already own together but remember that something is supposed to be done with the deed when you get married but you just can’t remember what.  You need to think about budget and debt-to-income ratios and whether or not you want to hold the property as “tenants by the entirety” (whatever that means).  The truth is every single situation is different and unique and what you DON’T need is another list telling you “what to do about living arrangements before your wedding”. What you need is HELP.  You need to find a good resource that can answer your unique questions with unique answers.  An excellent Realtor will be happy to give you advice and guidance even if you’re not thinking about making a sale or purchase.  If you don’t already have a wonderful relationship with a Realtor, I would be happy to talk through your story.  I own a small Frederick County brokerage and I have the man power to take care of all the details for you.  Call me anytime!  240-285-6497 Christy Issler

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