Why Dating Your Spouse Can Save Your Marriage?

Why Dating Your Spouse Can Save Your Marriage?

Many couples believe that once they walk down the aisle, they no longer need to make as much time for one another. Sadly, this is how your marriage begins to fade away, doubt sets in and resentment can arise. How quickly we forget that there was a proposal and a “yes” that followed. Marriage does not mean I have a roommate for life. If this is what you signed up for, then you should consider getting a dog or cat.

Marriage is much like a job, but with added benefits and great rewards! It is essential we work to sustain life. If you don’t go to work you won’t have a home to live in, food to nourish your body and clothes to wear. Well, a marriage doesn’t just feed your belly, it also feeds the soul. A spouse brings a more profound sense of intimacy and will efficiently remove loneliness.

The benefits of your spouse are priceless, and for any marriage to weather, the storm both must put in the work. Listen, husbands don’t just buy your wife flowers or candy because it’s her birthday, mothers day or a special occasion. Make every day a special occasion in your marriage. You married her, so she must be worth it. Wives, if your husband goes off to work, make it a point to make him a home-cooked meal. Greet your husband at the door with a sensual kiss wearing something you know he will like.

In marriage, you have to keep dating each other as though you are on your first date. Spice it up and show your spouse that you love them. The luster of marriage gets dull when you stop paying attention or making time for each other. Marriage only survives when you communicate your feelings, and you are both actively involved in keeping your marriage sacred.

Sex is more than a simple act, but an intimate bond that is shared with only your spouse. Make time for sex in your marriage because the lack thereof can create resentment and lead to desires elsewhere. Every night is not a headache night, or you are too tired, or whatever excuse or reason you can drum up. Make time for sex in your marriage!

Never use your children as an excuse because the sanctity of your marriage survival is upon the two of you, and the last thing you want is your children seeing their parents divorce. Find a babysitter to implement your time together. Having children is a part of most couples plan when they get married unless they decided not to have children.

In marriage, dating is vital and should become apart of your everyday life. Make a plan to take your spouse on a date, and this does not require expensive dinners or outlandish vacations. Overall, be creative and make it happen. Be accountable for how much time and interest you are participating in your marriage and don’t let the luster dull.

Marriage can be hard, so stop looking for the easy button and embrace the challenges brought forth in marriage.


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