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Florist or DIY?

The expertise of a wedding florist will reduce your stress on the arrangement to the flowers in season to keep your cost in your budget. As a bride, you are not always familiar with the art of flower arrangements, and this is why hiring a florist is essential to your planning.

Every florist is looking to capture your vision for your wedding day, so sharing your ideas is vital. You can accomplish this by filling in the blanks from your colors, theme, venue, your gown, the groomsmen down to your wedding party. Whatever you choose your florist will find the best flowers to arrange for your wedding and keep you inside your budget.

You may indeed decide to do the work yourself, but you will spend countless hours researching and running around looking for various wholesalers. Unwanted added stress and less time spent with your fiance is not a good start. A florist will have years of experience and are already well connected in the business of flowers. A florist will know what is in season, get great pricing and know how to match up your flowers to create magic for your special day.

Choosing to buy flowers wholesale and attempting to design them yourself may seem like a pretty neat idea. Here’s the thing…do you have a good refrigerator to store the flowers when they arrive? Is the fridge large enough to hold your flowers? Will you have enough time to make all of the arrangements in time and still get the rest of your planning done? Caution to the wise…don’t set yourself up to be overwhelmed and stressed days before your wedding day. Often times, your flowers will arrive only a few days before your big day and those last few days are the busiest. You have family coming into town, rehearsal dinner, spa day and no one wants stress lines, bags under the eyes days before. You may find that your savings are not enough to avoid the amount of stress you and your guest will endure.

Don’t Let This Be You On Your Wedding Day!
Stressed Bride

Wedding florists will always consider your budget as a priority. They will handpick many of your flowers, and they won’t come in a box. The flowers will be fresh, vibrant and aromatic. Your wedding will have one less thing to stress about when you hire a florist to handle your arrangements.

Keep some of your wedding planning to the professionals because they are experts in their fields. Be vigilant in searching for the right florist that not only compliments your wants but also accommodates your needs.

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