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How To Choose A Good Cigar

How To Choose A Good Cigar

Cigar Bar’s are all the rage at today’s weddings.  Before you decide to have a Cigar Bar, check out these tips from Cigar World on how to choose a good cigar.

Are you looking for advice on how to identify a quality cigar? Here are tips on what to look for when buying a cigar:

  • First, find a shape that you like and will feel comfortable smoking.
  • Then, quite simply, judge a book by its cover – in this case, the wrapper.
  • The outermost leaf (the wrapper) must be applied flawlessly, without gaps, or tears.
  • Look for uniform color. You don’t want a cigar that is mottled or spotted.
  • Avoid cigars that feel dry, or that flake or crumble when touched. This means they have not been kept in proper humidity.
  • However, if you do have a cigar that has dried out, there may be a way to save it. If the wrapper hasn’t cracked and the oils haven’t evaporated, there is a way to rehydrate a cigar.
  • Look for cigars with a luster or sheen which indicates that they have been well cared-for.
  • Make sure the cigar is well filled with tobacco.  It should feel consistently firm, without any weak spots or divots.
  • Flavor is also very important. Remove the cigar from its outer wrapping (if in a cigar shop, ask for permission first!), put the cigar up to your nose and take a nice deep inhale. If the smell of the cigar is appealing to you, chances are the taste will be, too.

Is there anything else you need to know about how to choose a cigar?  Visit the Cigar World forums to ask Cigar World and other cigar lovers.

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