Do I Really Need A Save The Date?

Do I Really Need A Save The Date?

Are save the dates necessary and how much will they cost us? Save the date is a way to not only announce your wedding date, but also a way to let your out of town guest have a chance to prepare and plan to attend your wedding. You may find that your list of guests will be from out of town and some may live out of the country and they will need time to prepare. When should you send out your save the date? Generally, couples will mail them out about six months before the wedding. Sending out the save the date can also put in perspective that your wedding planning and date is almost half way through and the big day is coming.

Many people don’t see the importance of save the dates. There is a misconception to what they are intended for. They have several uses in planning your wedding. As mentioned they help the out of town guests plan and prepare to attend your wedding. If you have family out of the country, they also will have time to get a passport and take off enough time from work to travel out of the country.

Save the date is just as important as your wedding invitations because they work for you by announcing your wedding to those you may not have been able to contact after getting engaged.  We find that making your save the date are a fun project that you and your fiancé can partake in. This is a great way for both of you to bring your own talents and ideas to designing your personalized save the dates.

They don’t have to be fancy or anything, but they are very necessary when planning your wedding. Visit a craft store and write your own…just make a date of it!

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