Day Of Coordination aka Month Of Coordination

Day Of Coordination aka Month Of Coordination

We spent some time with one of our favorite wedding planners to understand more about the planning industry.  She told us about some of the misconceptions of Day of Coordination.  Read on for all of the details.

Day of Coordination the Misleading Truth

Hello, Brides to be!

As a planner in this industry since 2007 I love how brides have so much ambition and some of them are so detailed oriented. It truly does make our lives that much easier. However; I would like to give you a little tip… When you ask a wedding planner or coordinator for your Day of Coordination Package this in the industry actually means Month of Coordination Package. In reality the service that so many of you are looking for doesn’t really exist anymore. You may still find start- ups that will do this but seasoned pros pull away from being responsible for executing your event that they were not at least a little involved in planning.

So many things can go wrong and every planning company’s reputation is at stake. Every bride only has one wedding, right? So no matter how detailed and organized you are there just really isn’t any possible way to put together a proper timeline, and get all those last minute details in. Yes, you can go online and find tons of templates to help, we totally understand this. However; each of your vendors are unique to you and your vision so they will all have different needs for the day of. That the template could never foresee. We also know that your photographer and our DJ will most likely have a timeline. So it will seem simple but it is important to include all the needs of all your vendors and seasoned pros know this. We know what questions to ask. We know what red flags to look for. We also know what details to cover! We make sure no stone is left un-turned.

For the budget aspect of it…. we totally understand. You may be on a tiny budget and we do understand this. This is why the seasoned pros make sure that every penny spent is well worth it. I understand spending over a grand may make you nervous for 8 hours or more of work to service the day of your wedding, however; what we don’t tell you this usually is at least 40+ hours of work prior to your wedding day. Costing you far less than most of your vendors and we are the ones that bring it all together.

Vendors don’t really like working weddings that haven’t been vetted by a planner because they aren’t able to do their jobs right and well, because they have to pick up slack on the wedding day as troubleshooting occurs. So spending 3k on a photographer and only getting 2k worth of value because they had to fix what a planner could have fixed is how that usually turns out.

After saying all this. You really can not afford NOT to hire a seasoned pro that will vet things for you. As a planner we love to educate our brides on what it really takes to make a wedding day run smoothly. I just want everyone to have the wedding day they deserve.

Do keep in mind as you are mulling this over! It is super unfortunate that some start ups still use the term “day of coordinator” because it is very misleading. So the next time you hear Month of coordinator you will know you will have had the opportunity to hire a seasoned pro that will make sure every penny spent is well worth it!

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