Bridal Shows - Why You Should Attend

Bridal Shows – Why You Should Attend

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So what is a Bridal Show of Expo anyway?

A Bridal Show is a place where wedding vendors come together to show their products and services.  Brides-To-Be stroll through the venue meeting vendors and learning what they have to offer.  This can be a great experience as you only have to spend a few hours to get great contacts, get inspiration and learn about many different products and services for your big day.

I’m doing a DIY wedding, there probably isn’t anything for me.

Actually, you might be surprised.  With DIY weddings all the rage lately, there are many vendors that are expanding into this market.  Today, you will more than likely find several vintage decor vendors at a bridal show.  These vendors often bring in several items and set up displays that are full of inspiration.  Even if you do not use anything from them, you may get some great ideas.

I have already booked all my vendors for my wedding.

Good point, we’ve got you covered.  While a typical bridal show has many vendors for your wedding, there are also many vendors for after your wedding.  Maybe you plan on buying a home, you may find a real estate agent.  What about fitness, we’ve got that covered too.  I’m sure you probably wear makeup for more than just your wedding, you will find that too.  And don’t forget about all of the freebies and samples.  You may just find that perfect eyeliner you have been looking for.  Most importantly, you will make great contacts that can extend beyond your wedding.  This can be a lifesaver if something should happen to one of the vendors you have already booked.

Now that you understand Bridal Shows, here are some tips to prepare you for the show.

  1. Be comfortable Save the fancy dress and shoes for your wedding day.  You will be on your feet most of the day and you will want to be comfortable.
  2. Bring your fiancé or a friend Your fiancé is an integral part of your big day.  You may taste the perfect cake and if you are both there to taste it, you may be able to book your baker right at the show at a discounted rate.  Bridal shows can be a bit overwhelming for some and having a friend can help keep you focused.  A friend is typically an honest opinion as well.  They will let you know their opinion if you need one.
  3. Bring pre-printed address labels We have had several attendees use this tip and found it works great.  Print up some address labels with your name, email and phone number.  Many vendors will have a sign-up form for a raffle or email list at their table.  Rather than to write this information over and over, simply pull out an address label and place it on the sign-up sheet.  This saves time and hand cramps.
  4. Come prepared to sample food You probably don’t want to come hungry, but don’t eat right before the show either.  There will be many caterers and bakers sampling their food and cakes.  Leave room to enjoy these samples.
  5. Come with an open mind Many brides are looking for very specific items and vendors.  Keep an open mind as you may run across something you haven’t though about.  You may have the perfect cake picked out and then come to a show and realize you have changed your mind.  You will find that most vendors at the show are willing to hear what you want and find a way to meet your needs.

These are just a few tips to prepare you for a bridal show.  Bridal shows are a fun and exciting way to prepare for your big day in an efficient way.  If you have attended a bridal show and have more tips, please feel free to share them with us by contacting us at

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