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10 Ways To Make Your Wedding Fun

10 Ways To Make Your Wedding Fun

Have you ever been to a wedding where you literally watch the seconds tick by.  A wedding where people are secretly playing games on their phone under the table.  Don’t let this happen to you.  Keep your wedding fun and exciting by following the 10 tips below.  Featured image credit: Jordan Lohr, Photography By Jo

Photo Booth

A photobooth is a sure way to get guests involved and keep them entertained.  You will also get fun and quirky photos that you will cherish long after your big day.  Check out this post on Photobooths for more information.


If you are having an outdoor wedding, yard games such as Corn Hole and Croquet are a great choice to keep guests entertained.  Crossword puzzles can be a fun way to “quiz” your guests on how much they know about you.  Check out this post on Mrs. Fancee for a wedding crossword tutorial.

Candy Bar

Everyone loves candy especially kids!  If you are on a tight budget, this can also serve as favors.

Live Band

Nothing gets people in the mood for dancing like a live band.  Check out gigmasters.com to find a live band in your area.

Guest Photographers

Challenge your guests with a list of photos to capture, or just provide a hashtag for guests to use to ensure you get copies of all the photos while you are making your way around the room.

Weekend Getaway

If you have guests traveling great distances to attend, consider planning activities for the weekend that celebrate your location or serving family recipes for a brunch or dinner.

Hire A Performer

There are performers for every occasion, even weddings.  Whether it’s a magician or a belly dancer, a performer can keep things interesting while keeping your guests entertained.

Dessert Bar

Wedding cakes are still popular, but desert bars are also becoming more popular.  Think about cookie bars, pie bars or even donut bars.  A desert bar can also double as favors by leaving small boxes or bags for guests to take some for the road.

Wedding Karaoke

This will make for a very entertaining reception.  Make sure you have a videographer on hand to capture every silly song!  You will have memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Have A Dance-Off


Have you ever seen those awesome viral video’s of a first dance where it starts like a sweet-sappy moment and then they break off into a choreographed dance.  Get all of your guests involved by having a dance-off.  Use your bridal party as judges and award silly prizes.

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