Bridal Shows - How To Save Time & Money

Bridal Shows – How To Save Time & Money

This is part 2 of a 2 part series All About Bridal Shows, Read Part 1 –Bridal Shows – Why You Should Attend

Who doesn’t love to save money?  They say “time is money” so most of us love to save time as well.  In this article, we are going to show you some great ways to save both time and money by attending Bridal Shows.  First, lets take a look at some statistics.

According to, here are some common statistics about weddings.

  • The average number of guests invited to a wedding in the US is 178 guests.
  • The average wedding budget in the US is $20,000
  • The average honeymoon budget in the US is $3,657

So, you may be saying, what is the point in all of these statistics.  Weddings can be wildly expensive and time consuming to plan, but they don’t have to be.  Let’s look at some ways a Bridal Show can help.

  1. Finding and contacting vendors takes time Let’s face it, you have better things to do than search Google and make phone calls all day to find vendors.  After speaking to several vendors, you may find that they are out of your price range, don’t provide the services you need or just aren’t a good match.  And, all of that is before even sitting down with them to check out samples or schedule tastings. At a Bridal Show, you can meet vendors, learn about their services, get an idea of price range, taste or sample their offerings and even schedule appointments with them, all within a few minutes.  And that is just for one vendor.  You can do this time and time again with all of the vendors at a Bridal Show.  You may be able to secure most of your vendors within a few hours at a Bridal Show.  Talk about efficiency.
  2. Book vendors or schedule appointments at Bridal Shows for great discounts Vendors are at Bridal Shows because they want you to be their client.  Most of the time they are willing to offer very generous discounts if you make a commitment at the show.  It is not uncommon for some vendors to offer $100’s off of their services if you book at the show.
  3. Gather inspiration for any budget Maybe your doing a DIY wedding to make it more affordable.  A Bridal Show is like a live version Pinterest.  As you stroll throughout the show have you camera ready to snap pictures for inspiration.  That next big idea may be waiting at a Bridal Show and you can re-create it for yourself if you snap a picture.
  4. Get on Vendors email list Even if you are unable to book a vendor the day of the show, many vendors send out newsletters or coupons with special offers.  By getting on their mailing list, you ensure you will receive these offers way after the show.
  5. Find a better deal – Take a chance on new vendors Many wedding vendors use Bridal Shows as a launchpad for their business.  These business can sometimes be hard to find on the Internet because they are new.  Because of this they offer very competitive prices.  Not sure if you should use a vendor who is new to the industry?  Many vendors just starting out have worked in the industry for another company and are starting on their own.  You can always see samples of their work at the show as well.  This can be a great way to save tons of money.

These are just a few ways you can save time and money at a Bridal Show.  Once Upon A Time Events produces several Bridal Shows throughout the year.  We encourage you to check out our Upcoming Events page to find an show near you!

Read Part 1 –Bridal Shows – Why You Should Attend

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