What Should I Include In My Wedding Invitation Suite?

What Should I Include In My Wedding Invitation Suite?

For years there has been a constant question asked by engaged couples when it pertains to wedding stationery; What should I include in my wedding invitation suite?

Each engaged couple will have a different agenda. Which will ultimately dictate the type of wedding stationary needed for your special day. So, never compare your wedding to some else’s wedding.

For instance, your family and friend list may have a substantial number of out of town visitors. Which would cause you to have an “Accommodations” card included in your invitation suite. However, your sisters wedding may have had more in- town guest. Therefore, she omitted the “Accommodations” card from her invitation suite but instead decided to add a gift registry card instead.

Please understand that your wedding should be customized to you and your fiancé specifications. Don’t play the comparison game or you will find yourself adding unnecessary details that will add to the over all wedding budget.

To help you think about the different type of stationery products you could possibly utilize, a “Jump Start” checklist has been created for you.

  1. Engagement Announcement Cards
  2. Engagement Party Invitation
  3. Wedding Save The Date Cards
  4. Wedding Invitation
  5. Wedding RSVP Card
  6. Wedding Accommodation Card
  7. Wedding Menu Selection Card
  8. Wedding Driving Direction(s) Card
  9. Wedding Program
  10. Venue Arrival Sign (Ex: Mr. and Mrs. Smith Wedding In The Rear!)
  11. Venue Chair Signs
  12. Venue Aisle Runner
  13. Flower Girl/ Ring Bearer Sign
  14. Thank You Notes for the bridesmaids and groomsmen
  15. Day Of Menu Cards
  16. Food Station Cards
  17. Drinks Sign
  18. Dessert Table Sign
  19. Escort Cards
  20. Place Cards
  21. Table Signs
  22. Thank you Cards for guest
  23. Thank you Cards for vendors

Remember, this is just a “Jump Start” checklist. You should tailor your stationery to your desired needs. Photo Credit: Smashing Entertainment www.facebook.com/SmashingEntertainmentLLC

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