Bridal Show Tips for Brides

Bridal Show Tips for Brides

Bridal Shows provide a unique and exciting opportunity as you prepare for your big wedding day! Regardless of what stage of planning you are in, there is usually something for everyone. With a positive attitude and the proper preparation, you can find great vendors, ideas and often plan a lot of your wedding in one afternoon. The following tips are some ideas we have collected along the way to make you more successful.

Be Comfortable

Most wedding shows are large events with many vendors.  You will be walking and standing most of the day.  Nobody wants to be uncomfortable when you are trying to concentrate on what others are saying.  Leave the glitz and glam for your wedding day and dress comfortable for success.

Don’t Go Alone

Bring your groom, bridesmaids,  or mother with you to help keep you from making rash decisions.  Bringing someone with you will also help you have someone to bounce ideas off of as well.  In case you forget to makes notes about something you liked at the show, maybe anyone you brought with you may help you remember.  Bridal Shows can be fun and events are even more fun with friends.  If they’re unsure about attending, mention FREE cake samples to help entice them!

Bring a Planner/Notebook

Regardless of whether you just got engaged the day before or if your wedding is a few weeks away, you need to be prepared to write down important information.  Take notes about different vendors and what they have to offer.  A lot of vendors will have their calendars on hand and can schedule appointments on the spot.  Make sure you have your planner so you can add any appointments as you speak to vendors.

Bring Address Labels

The most valuable information to a vendor is your contact information.  Vendors often have special drawings, raffles or giveaways in return for singing up on their contact lists.  Instead of writing this information down at every vendor table, print address labels with your Name, Mailing Address, Email and Phone Number.  This will make it easy to sign up without putting a cramp in your hand.  Check the Bridal Show website a few days prior to the show to see how many vendors are registered to know how many labels to print.

Do your Research

Most shows have a start and end time.  Depending on the amount of vendors, you may not be able to make it to every vendor table.  To make the best of your day, check the Bridal Show website for the list of vendors.  Research their companies to see what they provide.  If you are more educated about the company, this will help you ask more relevant questions.  If you are unsure if you will be able to make it around to all of the vendors, start with the ones that are most important to you.

Smile and Have fun

The most important thing to remember is you are planning one of the biggest and happiest days of your life.  Don’t stress and leave the pressure at the door.  Go with an open mind and observe what every vendor has to offer.  While most vendors offer specials on the day of the event, don’t feel pressured into anything.

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