Wedding Budget - Why You need One

Wedding Budget – Why You need One

When couples first get engaged, their mind goes on instant overload thinking about what they want their Wedding Day to entail. They may have grandiose visions, or more laid back ideas; but no matter what type of wedding is desired, the first order of business is to come up with a budget.

Deciding on a realistic budget is not glamourous or much fun for brides-to-be, their partners, and anyone else who will be pitching in funds. They must all sit down and have a frank discussion about how much money is available, and how it will be dispersed amongst the wedding categories. Many brides and grooms will spend money and not keep track of the expenses, or they get carried away with a “must have” item, and before all is said and done, their budget is blown way before the wedding planning and procurement were even finished. Those who don’t create a budget and stick to it will inevitably be in for sticker shock, or buyers remorse once the wedding day comes and goes.

There are more specific ways to keep costs down, such as ditching the favors, or the champagne toast (no one will really notice these). Another is to not obsess about everything that is portrayed in bridal magazines or on-line websites.  Guests won’t care if there is extravagant table décor, or if the bridal bouquets have peonies, daisies or baby’s breath. They won’t care if the linens are white or upgraded to blue. They won’t care if there is up-lighting around the room, or special lanterns hanging from the ceiling. Don’t stress about the details or spend extra money when it’s not in the budget. If something is very important to you, then splurge a little, but then cut back in other areas so the budget remains intact.

Don’t get carried away with crazy wedding spending, or trying to be perfect. Your wedding can  be beautiful without breaking the bank. Your family and loved ones have gathered to celebrate your union, not to criticize your choices. Bottom line- create a budget, and refer to it often. Starting a marriage by going into debt, is no way to begin a life together.

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