Winter Brides! How To Prepare For A Winter Wedding

Winter Brides! How To Prepare For A Winter Wedding

Winter can provide a unique backdrop for a beautiful wedding.  While most weddings occur during the warmer months, there is no reason you can’t have a successful and unique wedding during the winter months.  You likely have selected your wedding date many months or even years ahead.  You have no way of knowing what the weather will be like, however if it is during the winter months, you MUST prepare for inclement weather.  Here are some tips to ensure you have a successful winter wedding.

Discuss Weather Plans With Vendors

Discuss with them about their plans for a major snow storm. Will they still be able to deliver your items or will you need to pick them up. Is there a certain amount of snow that would preclude them from fulfilling their commitment? Will the venue close if there is too much snow? Consider a weather clause in your contract to protect both parties.

Make Sure All Pathways Are Shoveled And Roadways Cleared

This responsibility should fall on the particular venue, however it is good to know in case there are special circumstances. There is nothing worse than having your wedding guests wadding through snow.

Have Several All-Wheel or 4-Wheel Vehicles Available

SUV’s might not have the same elegance of a limo, but they will ensure you and your bridal party arrive safely and on time.  You may also want to ask your transportation provider if they offer SUV’s in the case of inclement weather.  Many may have several in their fleet.

Hire A Shuttle For Your Guests

If you have a lot of guests staying at a hotel, it is a good idea to provide a shuttle to bring them to the ceremony and reception.  This is becoming standard practice, but in the case of inclement weather it’s even more important.

Bring Snow Boots and Faux Fur For Your Outdoor Shoots

If you know that there will be snow, make sure to coordinate some cute snow boots with your bridesmaids.  This can make for some really cute and unique photos.  In addition, faux fur makes for some nice embellishments.

Account For Longer Travel Times and Delays

During inclement weather, it can take longer for everyone to arrive.  Account for these delays by asking guests to arrive an hour early.

Have A Pre-Ceremony Cocktail Hour

It might be a bit non-traditional, but offer some hot cocktails prior to the ceremony to warm everyone up.  If you don’t want to start with alcohol, opt for a DIY Hot Chocolate or Cider bar.

Have An Earlier Ceremony

Remember that during the winter months, darkness falls earlier.  In addition, as the sun falls it get colder and roadways can get more treacherous.  Have your wedding earlier and wrap things up earlier to ensure guests aren’t traveling late at night.

On-site lodging is a great choice

If you can book a venue that on-site lodging, this is a great choice in the winter months.  This will help to minimize any travel to the ceremony and to the reception.  This also ensures that the party can go on without issues since everyone will be staying on-site.

Give Dual Purpose Favors

Gloves, mittens, scarves etc. are great favors for a winter wedding.  This helps ensure everyone can stay warm and can be used throughout the year.

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