Choosing Your Wedding Bands

Choosing Your Wedding Bands

The tradition of the wedding band dates back over 6,000 years ago to Ancient Egypt.  The circle symbolized eternity to signify the perpetual love of the spouses.  The Egyptians believed that the ring finger on the left hand had a special vein called the “Vena amoris” which is connected directly to the heart. Today, most married couples across the world wear wedding rings to signify their marital status.

Today, most wedding bands are constructed of a precious metal sometimes with embellishments with precious stones such as diamonds.  Although many couples select bands that match or compliment each other, there is no requirement on what denotes a wedding band.  Many couples are going custom today to express their personality.  Have fun, hopefully you will wear this band the rest of your life!  Here are some wedding band ideas that we love!

Titanium with Maple Wood Inlay

Titanium with Inlaid Maple Wood
Mythical. Though just an offset sliver, the Spalted Maple tightly encased in these bands is a gift to admire again and again. An anodized bronze interior glows. Made to order via Etsy

Elegant Trees

White Gold Trees
We love the engraving detail on these custom rings.

His & Hers Puzzle Rings

His & Hers Puzzle Ring
These unique bands interlock together.

Inscription Rings

Inscription Bands
Never forget your anniversary with these inscription rings! We love the chunky rustic look of these rings.

His & Hers Two-tone

Two-tone engraved
Somewhat victorian or steampunk, these rings are sure to start conversations!

Photo Slide Ring

Photo Ring
This ring is way cool! Take the ring off and shine the light through the lens to reveal your favorite photo from your wedding!

Wood Inlay

Wood Inlay Ring
Combining a wood inlay with a etched band is beautiful.

Fingerprint Ring

Fingerprint Ring
These unique bands may seem plain and simple on the outside, but the inside hides your spouses fingerprint! What a unique idea!

Colorful Inlay

Colorful Inlay
The beautiful inlay in these rings are created by using a torch to heat up the metal which creates the beautiful colors.

Rustic Silver and Copper Inlay with Sapphires

Rustic Silver with Copper Inlay
These happen to be our favorite. And rightfully so since they are our wedding bands. We had these custom made for us from Sterling Silver, Copper Inlay and Sapphires. We love the unique look of our bands.

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