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What’s Next….

Congrats! Take some time to let it all sink in…you are about to marry your best friend and greatest love. Now that he popped the question and you said yes you ask what’s next? The wedding date is the first thing to nail down. A good way to narrow your wedding date down is to choose the season you both can agree upon. As you are in a constant state of blissfulness don’t forget to share the wonderful news with all of your loved ones and friends.

Once the two of you nail down your wedding date please keep in mind a few factors that can play on your date. Your wedding venue has more relevance in choosing your date because most venues are booked up for at least a year out or even more. In addition, you must be certain that your venue can host a wedding your size. Your wedding location can also make these choices a bit stressful. Just keep in mind that where you get married has enough guest accommodations nearby. Keep in mind that your out of town guest don’t know the area and don’t want to travel to far from the wedding.

As you are searching for your perfect venue you should come prepared to ask questions about what the venue offers, the do’s and don’ts, the amenities that are a part of your quest. It is always important to read through the contract prior to signing, so request a copy and take it home to discuss together.

This may be a great time to hire a planner/coordinator because they are quite proficient in working with venues and review your contracts to ensure you receive the best deal your wedding deserves. If you hire a decorator for your wedding it is important to know how many hours they need for your setup and tear down. Many venues don’t give enough allotted time for this and you will need to negotiate this into your contract. Permits, licenses, rules, parking and more are all important items to look at when locking down your venue.

If you hired a planner/coordinator than your life has become manageable because they will take most of the reigns from that moment forward if you choose full wedding coordination. Every planner has their own services per package for your wedding, so do your research. If you did not choose a planner at the early stages of your planning then you can always hire one for your day of coordination which is typically a month of coordinating.

Many planners/coordinators will put together your wedding day timeline with your assistance. They may also create the floor plans for your wedding and are the lead on your entire wedding day preparations with your other hired wedding professionals. Having a planner/coordinator takes a great deal of stress off of your plate. They will oversee your wedding day so that you and your groom can enjoy all the finer things. Many believe it is not necessary to hire a planner/coordinator until they realized how overwhelmed they become as they get closer to their date or after several contracts. Invitations, etiquette, tastings, music, vendors, photo’s, guests, walking order, wedding party, toasts, setup, breakdown and so much more can just make you scream and pull your hair out.

These can be a few reasons to hire someone to have your back and keep the stress at bay. The planner/coordinators job is to assist with your planning needs by working with your chosen professionals to help make your exceptional day with little to no stress. Planners/Coordinators are connected, so when you hire one you hire a plethora of resources that can make your planning more attainable.

Make sure you check out our planning and decor services if you are in need of a planner or decor.

Your engaged and you should bask in this blissful feeling of awe!

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