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The 10 Most Popular Days to Get Engaged

The 10 Most Popular Days to Get Engaged

Has your boyfriend been acting strangely recently?  Has he been looking at your fingers or your rings?  Has he asked you random questions about jewelry?

As we enter the holiday season, it’s quite possible a ring could be in your future.  If you are wondering when he may “pop” the question, read on to learn the most popular days to get engaged and when you may be sporting a new piece of jewelry in your finger.

Christmas Day Proposal

Christmas Day

Hands down, Christmas Day is the most popular day for marriage proposals.  It’s no wonder why.  Christmas Day is one of the most celebratory days of the year.  Family is usually together, people are off work and it’s a popular time for gift giving.  It’s a also an easy time to get people together for a post-proposal celebration.

Valentine's Day Proposal

Valentine’s Day

Of course, most people would think the holiday of love would be the top proposal day, however it comes in at second.  Most Valentine’s Day proposals are a private occasion between the couple compared to the family setting of Christmas Day.

Christmas Eve Proposal

Christmas Eve

Some families choose to get together on Christmas Eve versus Christmas Day so this is another popular day for family oriented proposals.  If is quite common to occur during a Christmas Eve dinner celebration.

New Year's Day Proposal

New Year’s Day

This day and the next one are hard to differentiate.  Technically, any proposal that occurs on or after the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Day is considered New Year’s Day.  It is popular to start out the new year by asking your love to spend the rest of your New Year’s together.

New Year's Eve Proposal

New Year’s Eve

Like we said above, technically this could be considered a New Year’s Day proposal if it occurs on or after the stroke of midnight.  What better way to share that first kiss of the year than with a ring!

December 23rd Proposal

December 23rd

For the guy that wants to ask the question in a private setting but announce the engagement at holiday festivities.  This is also a good time if your future fiancé doesn’t like to be put on the spot in front of friends and family.

Two Saturdays before Christmas Eve Proposal

Two Saturdays Before Christmas Eve

Chances are, he wanted to propose on Christmas or Christmas Eve but just couldn’t wait.  That ring was burning a hole in his pocket!

July 4th Proposal

Independence Day (July 4th)

This is one of the only days on the list that is not in the November-February time frame.  Most people are off work and vacations are popular around this holiday.  For the Summer Lovin’ couples, this could be a popular time for a proposal.

Memorial Day Proposal

Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend

For many Memorial Day weekend is the “unofficial” start of summer.  It’s a long weekend that gives the couple extra time to enjoy time together or with family.

Saturday Before Valentine's Day Proposal

Saturday Before Valentine’s Day

Once again, this is probably more a case of “I Can’t Wait” proposal.  He was likely going to propose on Valentine’s Day but he just couldn’t hold his secret any longer.

No matter what day the proposal occurs, it will be a beautiful and memorable experience that will change the course of your life forever.  Relish the occasion and bask in the light of love. 

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