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Add An FAQ Section To Your Wedding Website To Help Answer Common Questions

Add An FAQ Section To Your Wedding Website To Help Answer Common Questions

Once you set a date for your wedding, you will likely be bombarded with questions up until the special day.  Answering the same questions over and over can cause unneeded stress.  While you certainly cannot anticipate every single question, you can anticipate some of the most common questions.  Consider creating an FAQ section on your wedding website to address the most common questions and to direct your guests when they ask questions.

Use the list below as a starting point for your FAQ section.

  • Transportation & Accommodations
    This topic usually garners a lot of questions.  Be as thorough as possible.  Include hotel locations, room block codes, transportation dates and times, etc.  Also, make sure to include any parking information especially costs.
  • Attire/Dress Code
    This is another popular question for many guests.  When determining the questions, make sure you offer as much information as possible.  Make sure you explain what is acceptable attire, stating Formal or Casual means different things to each guest.
  • Plus Ones & Children
    You don’t want any hard feelings on your special day.  Please make sure you address this prior too your wedding day as failing to do so can lead to hurt or hard feelings.  If you do not want children at the wedding, do not be afraid to state that, just make sure you clearly state it.
  • Gifts/Gift Registry
    It is common to include this on your invitations.  However, you should also include it in the FAQ’s.  If you prefer to not receive gifts, explain why and give them an alternative.  Most people are happy to accommodate your wishes as long as they are clear.
  • Special Tips & Advice from the Couple
    Include any additional advice that help to put your guests at ease.  Anything you think would be helpful for them to know about your special day.  Be creative.

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