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The 10 Most Popular Days to Get Engaged

20 Important Details To Know For Your Wedding Day

Every bride wants the wedding of her dreams. With so many details involved, it is easy to overlook things. We have compiled a list of details that are commonly forgotten. Alleviate last minute stress by reviewing the list below.

  1. Everything Will Not Go Completely According To Plan With that being said, chances are you won’t even know about it if you have a good wedding planner. A good wedding planner will handle most issues without even bothering you. If you are looking for a wedding planner, make sure to check out Event & Wedding Planners on our Vendor Directory.
  2. Create A Wedding Timeline For The Whole Day Creating a timeline for all of the vendors will ensure a smooth day. Make sure that all key vendors and participants have a timeline to let them know when and where each part of the day will take place.
  3. Keep Your Bridal Party And Family Members In The Loop It is important that everyone knows when and where you expect them to be. Don’t assume that everyone will automatically know when and where to be. Send out an itinerary a week prior to the wedding. Check out our partner WedTexts for an easy and efficient way to communicate with your wedding guests.
  4. Have All DIY Items Finished Before Your Wedding Week You need to make sure your wedding week is as calm as possible. Don’t add un-needed stress by waiting to complete DIY items. Nobody wants to stay up half the night before your wedding making favors and centerpieces.
  5. Know What The Transportation Situation Will Be For Your Bridal Party And Guests Make sure to account for any parking or transportation issues beforehand and communicate them to your guests. If guests need to pay for parking or need locate available spots, make sure to let them know beforehand.
  6. Don’t Forget About Transportation For Yourself Make sure you know how you are getting to the ceremony, reception and then back to the hotel or off to your honeymoon.
  7. Don’t Forget To Pack A Bag For Your Wedding Night Believe it or not, this is a commonly missed detail. Make sure to designate someone to make sure your bag gets to your transportation when leaving the reception or place it in your hotel room if it’s local.
  8. Assigned Seating For The Reception Is A Good Thing Alleviate awkward moments at the reception with assigned seating. Get creative when thinking about seating. When we got married, many people on the two sides of the family had never met. We paired up couples from the different sides with similar personalities in order to let them get to know each other.
  9. Know Who Is Responsible For Submitting The Marriage License Once married, your officiant will pull you both aside to sign your marriage certificate. Discuss beforehand who is responsible for submitting it.
  10. Vendor Meals Discuss with your planner and caterer about vendor meals. It’s always a nice touch to feed your vendors. You may opt for a different meal or for them to be provided a plate from the regular meal.
  11. Weather Cannot Be Controlled, What Is The Backup Plan? No amount of planning will change the weather. Make sure you have a backup plan in place in case mother nature doesn’t cooperate. For more tips on preparing for weather, check out How To Prepare For Mother Nature And Save Your Wedding Day.
  12. Do Some Advanced Prep For Family Photo Time Provide a list to your wedding photographer of the family shots your would like to capture. This ensures your photographer won’t miss any shots and allows them to quickly move from one shot to the next.
  13. Know Where Your Presents And Cards Are Going After The Wedding It’s helpful to designate a trusted person to handle getting your presents and cards to their destination especially if you are going directly to your honeymoon.
  14. Have An Extra Pair Of Comfortable Shoes You will be on your feet most of the day. Nobody wants to sit out on dancing because their feet are hurting.
  15. Take a Breather And Get Away From Everyone For A Few Minutes Wedding receptions can be overwhelming. Take a moment to grab some fresh air with your new spouse and enjoy a few private minutes together.
  16. No One Wants To Bug You For Money On Your Wedding Day Make sure you have already taken care of paying all of your vendors before your wedding day. If you must pay on your wedding day, enclose a check in a sealed, labeled envelope and let your wedding planner handle distributing them.
  17. Stick To Your Normal Drink Nobody wants to be intoxicated on their wedding night. Limit your alcohol consumption and drink what your body is used to.
  18. Bring Some Snacks Many couples are nervous before the wedding and often find it difficult to eat. Once picture time comes and your nerves have settled, you will be starving. Bring some snacks or have someone bring out a plate of hors d’oeuvres.
  19. Designate Someone To Hold A Touch-Up Makeup Kit It’s likely that you will cry, sweat, and do a lot of hugging. All of these things can play havoc on your makeup. Be prepared to touch-up your makeup.
  20. Remember, You Are Marrying Your Best Friend Don’t forget to just enjoy your “big day”.  Don’t be afraid to unwind and enjoy the many months or years of preparation. You deserve it!

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